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Ant Buster was developed to help repel/kill ants around the home using natural products. I hate insect sprays and won’t use them due to the levels of chemicals.    I shudder even more that people are using them around their food storage and prep areas. So I set out on researching the essential oils that are toxic to ants, but safe for us, and voila!!! Ant Buster was born.


You simply spray onto the ants and wipe or spray onto surfaces where ants are coming in and leave to act as a repellent and leaves a beautiful peppermint fragrance. We have had a lot of success with people trialling this one. They love the fact it works, is 100 % natural, smells good and is safe to use around the food and family. I spray it in my pantry and bench tops. It takes a daily spray for about a week for ants to not appear. It is also great to use in cars and will repel other insects, and mice as well as ants. 

Some customers also just like the fragrance and use it as an air freshener.


Purified water, Alcohol.

Essential Oils: Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary , Peppermint and Tea Tree.

How to use

Shake bottle well before each use. Pump spray directly onto the surface where the ants are then simply wipe the ants away or leave the spray scent on to repel any other ants from returning.

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Ant Buster

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