I much prefer your products that are natural and cruelty free than supermarket air fresheners.

Shannon - Perth

About Julenni

Welcome to our julenni website the home of our beautiful, natural homemade air fresheners and pest sprays. Our beautiful product name came from a combination of our names Julie and Jenni . Enjoy the ability to explore all of our fragrances and their benefits in one place. We hope you love them as much as we, and so many others do.

But first, a little about how we began…

In 2008, my sister Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer, the very disease which saw our mother pass away years before.

One day, a whimsical conversation with friends brought about the idea of starting our own business. It was the suggestion of a friend, that we in fact already had a business right there in our bathroom – Julie’s air fresheners. After surviving her cancer, my sister began making her own air fresheners out of essential oils, knowing the toxicity and danger of the synthetic ones. She was trying to minimize the stress to her own body and her family.

Knowing how lovely her air fresheners were, and how well they worked, I began to research the benefits of essential oils and all their uses. I was quite horrified to learn just how dangerous all of these synthetic chemicals are and how many every day products contain them. Just like Julie, I wanted to stop the use of harsh chemicals in our household around my children.

The idea of julenni was born....

Julie and I make up the two parts of julenni – Julie being the brains behind the air freshener blends, and I Jenni being the researcher, in charge of researching the benefits, precautions, Australian standards and safety levels of the oils for our children. Using my background in professional health, and my sister’s background in health, beauty and retail, as well as the help and encouragement from friends and family, we were able to bring julenni to life and produce our products for everyone to enjoy. Over the years we have added to our eclectic range which is constantly developing and evolving to help and complement our own families.

We hope they complement yours as well.

When I travel it is a great way to cope with dustmites.

Jo - Sydney


Our Products

We have developed all of our products to meet with Australian standards and to be at levels safe for children.

Our ingredients are sourced as close to home as possible and all are Australian. The essential oils used in julenni products are of the highest grade and are organic where possible. All of our products are 100% natural - free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, artificial fragrances and colours.

All of our products are tried and tested on our beautiful family and friends - and friends of friends. No animals are affected by our products, either in the making or by the products themselves, and are even enjoyed by my dog Peanut.

Packaging for julenni products come from within Australia and where possible use recyclable materials. All products are blended and packaged by hand, by us in Albany, Western Australia, with Peanut always keeping a watchful eye.

100% Natural

100% australian

My husband and I were at the 'whale display centre' in Albany January 2013 and I purchased the spice air freshener - it's my favourite.

Lee - Victoria